Grandmas Against Humanity

Before you jump to conclusions and assume my grandma is a YouTube celebrity, no, my grandma is NOT one of these ladies. I wouldn’t put it past her though. I’ve recently learned that nothing should really surprise me anymore when it comes to her.

I went home recently to see my little sister walk across a stage and read a speech. You know, the typical valedictorian stuff — I mean, isn’t everyone’s sister valedictorian when they graduate college? (insert proud big brother status here)

While I was home, we decided to have a chill night in (twice actually) and partake in some quality family bonding time, game night so to speak, with a quality family-friendly card game: Cards Against Humanity.

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Better Late Than Pregnant….It’s Music Monday!

Since I was busy getting drunk before 5pm yesterday and didn’t get home until 11am this morning – yay for cocktail training at work, dinner, and a drag show, on a Monday nonetheless – I wasn’t able to post this yesterday. I know, I know…three weeks in and I’ve failed at staying regular. Get over it.

So since all things are better late than pregnant (or never, whichever phrase you prefer), I present to you this week’s Music Monday selections.

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