Do I Look Like A (Music) Slut?

So here we are, boys and girls….my very last Music Monday post.

Haha just kidding. However it will be the last one for a few weeks, because in about T-minus five minutes I’ll be hitting the road for the next 15 days to head out on a road trip across the country. Try not to get too addicted to these and wear them out on repeat in my absence, although I won’t judge you if you do.

Until next time…

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The Return of Music Monday

The hiatus is over! Without ANY further ado, welcome back to Music Monday (which will probably become a bi-weekly feature since I clearly don’t have enough time to keep up on this. Whoops?)

And yes….there’s a TON more after the jump – you’re welcome in advance.

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Body Ache

“I wanna dance till my body ache.”

Yep…sounds about right. Between work, going out, and moving into my new apartment, my body is in desperate need of a massage, another mani/pedi, and some R&R…preferably on a beach. While I recover from life, here are a few of my current obsessions.

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Just Another Music Monday

Yes, I’m aware it’s Tuesday. Yes, I’m aware there are 11 songs instead of 10. Deal with it.

Also, prepare yourselves. I’ve witnessed some ridiculous shenanigans on the Red Line recently…well, and in general. I can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime…. Listen. Enjoy. Share. But most importantly? Have a great week. Try to stay sane since I’m sure I won’t – it’s moving week and my moving crew will be here in T-minus 53 hours and guess who only has four boxes packed. Whoops?

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Music Monday (The Post-Memorial-Day-Hiatus Extended Remix)

As I’m sure you’re aware, last Monday was Memorial Day. I was also exhausted after working Friday night, pulling doubles Saturday and Sunday, then working again Monday. Rather than woo you with new music, I opted to sleep. I know, call me selfish but Monday night was all about me. I’m not sure how this is different from any other night, but still… #SorryNotSorry

So since I’ve been slacking, I’m scratching my 10-song-standard and giving you more today. It’s like Christmas in June. Just with no wrapping paper. Let’s save the trees.

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Better Late Than Pregnant….It’s Music Monday!

Since I was busy getting drunk before 5pm yesterday and didn’t get home until 11am this morning – yay for cocktail training at work, dinner, and a drag show, on a Monday nonetheless – I wasn’t able to post this yesterday. I know, I know…three weeks in and I’ve failed at staying regular. Get over it.

So since all things are better late than pregnant (or never, whichever phrase you prefer), I present to you this week’s Music Monday selections.

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Introducing Music Monday

I’m constantly being asked by friends what I’m listening to and if I know of any good new music. Why yes, yes I do.

Therefore, I’m implementing a new “Music Monday” feature where I’ll spotlight ten songs each week that I’m jamming to right now.

Feel free to love it, share it, download it, do whatever with it. Maybe it’s available in iTunes, maybe you can illegally download it – I don’t know, I don’t care……just enjoy it.

If you have suggestions of something I should check out (and possibly feature the next week), leave a comment with a link and I’ll be sure to give it a listen.

So on that note…here’s some of what I currently can’t get enough of. Enjoy!

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