The Life of a Spa Junkie

Holy mother of god. Has it seriously been nearly a month since I posted? Insane. It seems like I go in spurts — a couple posts in a week or so then BAM! I go all M.I.A.

What you didn’t know is that I’m actually a Secret Agent. Kind of like 007. When I’m not here I’m off on some special assignment.

Or not.

So remember that time the restaurant that screwed me over decided to ask how it compared to the nail salon I’m at now? Well for those of you who might have wondered (since I haven’t really talked much about it): it’s a million times better. Better than the service industry. Better than Corporate America. It’s pretty much awesome.

Sure, I’m working 6-7 days a week – a few of those days from open to close – but when the people you work with are awesome, you get to hang out and bullshit with the regulars, manage the company’s (and your own) social media accounts, and make sure daily operations run smoothly – and get paid for it? And free spa services?

Umm, awesome much? I think yes.  Continue reading

Not-So-Happy Camping in the City

Tonight I came to the realization that if you want to be a happy camper in this city, perhaps you should actually camp out. And no, there is no pitching a tent required. And no, I’m not talking about actually camping.

Okay. Enough analogizing. My brain hurts just thinking about it.

Yesterday I’d received an email from Klout informing me I’d scored a new perk (and you know how I am with my free shit – you don’t? Well check out this post). Two free movie passes to an advance showing of the new movie Don Jon – starring none other than the drool-worthy Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Holy yum, Batman. Jackpot. Count me in with a +1 for the evening.

Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to finally get to know one of my many Grindr/Facebook acquaintances – one who actually interned this summer a block or two from my office and lives within walking distance of my condo hence a nearly-always-within-a-few-thousand-feet-away location (yet we’d somehow never met since our schedules always conflicted, minus that one time we were both on the same train platform at once – hello potential for a missed connections posting on Craigslist) – I shot off a text inviting him along.

RSVP times two: Check.

This afternoon at precisely 3:04pm, I receive the following email: Continue reading

Networking 101

I’ve recently gone to a few networking events and launch parties – both professional and otherwise – and I was surprised (although not surprised at the same time) at how some of the events compared to one another. Particularly when it came to matters of actually socializing and networking…on both a personal and brand level. While I’m fully aware that not everyone is born a people-person, if you’re going to try and launch your product or promote your brand (or yourself) there’s a few things you should probably brush up on before you throw yourself out there if you want the night to be a resounding success.

I’m a huge fan of the RedEye. Seriously. Every morning I pick one up on my way to the train. 45 minutes later I have an interesting random bit of knowledge to share at the office, most commonly to my Mexican friend Party – otherwise known as Fiesta in her native language. From learning about some random topic or world happening (in some cases both birds are killed with one stone/story) to where a launch party is going on for some new brand or product, the RedEye is an amazing resource.  Continue reading

My Love of Free Shit

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t love a good sale/coupon/handout? Ask any of my friends, family, or closest confidante (and soon to be roomie) Not-so-Carrie and they’ll tell you I’m the queen when it comes to getting free shit, knowing where the event with an open bar is, or having a ridiculously amazing coupon I got from some promotion. Most of the time, it’s all about networking. I can’t stress enough that it’s all about who you know anymore and not what you know, however, sometimes it’s definitely just a matter of being in the right place at the right time and getting lucky…and no, not that kind of lucky. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder how much everything I’ve won or been given would amount to. Math, however, has never been my strong point so I’ve never come up with a total. I like to look at the overall experience of it all as being priceless.

For instance… Continue reading