The Culture Quest

So I realize I’ve been MIA for over a week. First off, yes, I’m alive. I haven’t been mugged, blown away by a giant gust of wind, murdered, or whatever other stereotypical thing you might associate with Chicago. I live on the north side, nowhere close to the south/southwest sides where the majority of gang violence occurs. No. I’ve simply been MIA because I’ve had too much going on this week to even think twice about posting. Hence the reason I’m sitting at home on a Saturday evening like a grandpa in my rocking chair boycotting Boystown in favor of unwinding (with a bottle of wine, of course).

So here we go…

I’m on a mission to attempt to become cultured. Call it Mission Impossible if you will. I say bring it on. And of course, my trusty sidekick and temporary roommate/maid/chef/sleeping-partner/whatever – or “winghoe” as she’s also referred to – will be by my side going balls-to-the-wall on this quest right along with me.

From shopping-fueled fundraising benefits to lectures to scotch tastings, we will become cultured one day/night/event at a time.  Continue reading


Networking 101

I’ve recently gone to a few networking events and launch parties – both professional and otherwise – and I was surprised (although not surprised at the same time) at how some of the events compared to one another. Particularly when it came to matters of actually socializing and networking…on both a personal and brand level. While I’m fully aware that not everyone is born a people-person, if you’re going to try and launch your product or promote your brand (or yourself) there’s a few things you should probably brush up on before you throw yourself out there if you want the night to be a resounding success.

I’m a huge fan of the RedEye. Seriously. Every morning I pick one up on my way to the train. 45 minutes later I have an interesting random bit of knowledge to share at the office, most commonly to my Mexican friend Party – otherwise known as Fiesta in her native language. From learning about some random topic or world happening (in some cases both birds are killed with one stone/story) to where a launch party is going on for some new brand or product, the RedEye is an amazing resource.  Continue reading