Tipsy Tuesday Strikes Again


Forget everything you ever knew about TGIF – and no, I’m not talking about TGIF as in TGIFridays (although I do love great all-day-everyday drink specials and delicious artery-clogging appetizers. No. It’s all about TGIT these days. If you missed the memo (as I apparently did), Tuesday is the new Friday – or else at least at my apartment it is…

l_5117e830-bd06-11e1-a066-531485100006I never really understood mid-week drinking. Well, outside of happy hour, networking events, wine nights, and….well….okay, fine. I get it. Sometimes you need to just let loose.  Tuesday is apparently the new “it” night to do such.

For example… Continue reading

First Impressions, Worst Impressions, and Why it Pays to be the Fat Kid

I’ll say it: It pays to be the fat kid. Sometimes being hungry pays off.

About two weeks ago, I had started talking to this guy – and no, not on Grindr. This time, I was testing out an app called Tinder. Now you straight people may be familiar with it. It’s probably the closest thing to Grindr you have on your phone. To fill those of you who’ve been living under a rock in, it shows you a picture of someone else who’s also “looking” and you swipe one way for yes and the other for no. Interested? Not interested? Swipe away! It’s like a game. Seriously. If you both swipe that you think the other is attractive it’s like “Congratulations! You’re a match!” and then asks if you want to message them or “Keep Playing” – seriously…keep playing. It’s a game. I told you. Oh, and you link it with your Facebook so you can easily upload your pictures and get to swiping quicker, see mutual “Likes” and interests, AND see if you have mutual friends. Pretty easy. Welcome to the dating in 2014.

So here we are: Congratulations! You’re a match!

Umm…jackpot. Gorgeous. Looks phenomenal in a suit. Has a picture with a French Bulldog. AND we have a mutual friend (that I can research him through and make sure he’s not psychotic). Forget this game. This calls for sending the first message.

So we talk for a few days, swap numbers, and make plans to meet up for drinks since – let’s face it – pretty much anyone can come across good via text, but if you’re socially awkward or just weird in person in general, a nonchalant meeting over a beer and and appetizer will spell it all out quick and easy. We made plans for a random weeknight – partially because I had other plans later in the week, but more importantly because working early is an easy cop-out if you need an escape from a bad weeknight date – to meet up in his neighborhood since it was on my way home from the office. Step one: Check. Continue reading

A 12-Step Guide for Antisocial Social Drinkers Wishing to Celebrate National Cabernet Sauvignon Day

Thanks to a friend’s Facebook post this morning, I learned that today is National Cabernet Sauvignon Day. Umm…HOW WAS I NEVER INFORMED OF THIS BEFORE?!?!?! Good thing I picked up a bottle the last time I was at Target as a self-defense weapon and didn’t need to use it. So how am I celebrating? At home. By myself. Consider me Grumpy Cat in human form.

I like to think I’m a “Social Drinker” as I often find myself in social settings…with a drink in hand. After surveying several other interior designers, I think it’s safe to say that cocktails and designers go hand-in-hand (literally). A good cocktail brings out the best in us and makes conversation flow more than it already does among us. Sometimes, however, I just don’t feel like being social and want to stay home in a pair of gym shorts with and enjoy a glass/bottle of wine alone. I still consider this a form of social drinking as I am frequently FaceTiming or texting a friend who is doing the same thing. For instance, I am currently multitasking between typing this and texting a friend – the same friend who thankfully informed me it’s National Cabernet Sauvignon Day – who is celebrating it at home with his boyfriend. Coincidence? No. We just like our holidays.

So in honor of National Cabernet Sauvignon Day, I’ve put together a little guide for how to celebrate it if you feel like being antisocial like I do tonight. I consider it a wonderful little 12-Step Program for nonalcoholics like myself. Continue reading