Body Ache

“I wanna dance till my body ache.”

Yep…sounds about right. Between work, going out, and moving into my new apartment, my body is in desperate need of a massage, another mani/pedi, and some R&R…preferably on a beach. While I recover from life, here are a few of my current obsessions.

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Music Monday Strikes Again

This week’s edition of Music Monday is brought to you by the letter “I” (as in: “I” for “Insomnia”) since that’s what I was experiencing last night…because what do I do when I can’t sleep? The logical answer would be to dig out some Tylenol PM and down a dose (or three) with a whiskey sour, but because I’m fresh out of Tylenol PM, I’m sat in bed surfing the web for some new jams. You can thank me later for getting all of these stuck in your head. Enjoy!


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