#ALSIceBucketChallenge? Nope, Not Doing It.

IMG_0552So it finally happened. I got nominated to take part in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge that’s going around on Facebook. I figured it was inevitable. I mean, with 773 friends on Facebook it was bound to happen eventually.

Well guess what…I’m not doing it, and here’s why. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the USPS

Dear United States Postal Service –

Now I understand why you’re going bankrupt and have to keep raising your prices on stamps. I’m onto you. The reason? Your customer service is second to none….in terms of being terrible.

Allow me to explain.

First off, when I moved to my new apartment, I set up mail forwarding. For the first two weeks I didn’t receive any mail. Weird. When I asked my mail carrier, she informed me it was because my name wasn’t on the mailbox so she’d been returning everything to the sender…despite the fact that everything had forwarding stickers directing it to this address.¬†Real intelligent. But I’ll let it slide since she was friendly and agreed to start delivering my mail. As she should. Fine.

However……..about two weeks ago, you left me this¬†slip in my mailbox letting me know that you had a package to deliver to me that needed to be signed for. Following the instructions on the card, I signed and checked the box to authorize redelivery and to have the package left. Pretty simple, right?

Wrong. Let the fiasco begin. Continue reading

The Return of Music Monday

The hiatus is over! Without ANY further ado, welcome back to Music Monday (which will probably become a bi-weekly feature since I clearly don’t have enough time to keep up on this. Whoops?)

And yes….there’s a TON more after the jump – you’re welcome in advance.

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