26. Single. Enjoys Cake.

26. Single. Enjoys cake. Thanks for the reminder, OKCupid. For the record, I hate you. Now please excuse me while I go eat my feelings.

Yes, this really happened.

So here I was. Out for dinner with my bestie and Fiesta. Not-so-Carrie had decided to throw me a surprise birthday dinner. Not quite the all-out surprise party I planned (from 8 hours away nonetheless), threw, and surprised her at a few months ago, but she definitely earned a well-deserved A for effort. I enjoyed the evening with two of my favorite (real) ladyfriends gorging ourselves on mussels (not muscles, unfortunately) and arugula salad at La Madia, a “contemporary pizzeria” as they refer to themselves. 

At the end of dinner, two surprises awaited me: a birthday cupcake with a recycled number “4” candle – salvaged after several uses by eco-friendly Fiesta who’s always inadvertently trying to reduce her carbon footprint – and this email from OKCupid.

“Happy Birthday! Check out your matches and find out who wants to meet you for your birthday. Plus, have some cake!”

Thanks for the reminder, bitch.

Would I prefer to be off the market at 26? Sure. But am I going to rush into something for the sole purpose of marrying off and having a kid or two before my non-existent ovaries dry up? Of course not. I’m fully content with my life as it is, but am I opposed to being tied down? Not at all.

It’s not like OKCupid gets a reward for setting me up with someone who works out, so I’m not so sure why they’re so adamant about reminding me that I have no significant other to eat my birthday cake with. Well joke’s on you, fuckers. I have not one, but two VERY significant others eating my (cup)cake with me.

And with that, I blew out my candle and made a wish. No, I did not wish to have a boyfriend by my next birthday. I made a wish that every birthday would be as good as this one. That I’d be surrounded with by friends – even if it’s only two – who I enjoy spending time with.

Regardless…OKCupid is still a bitch, but you can bet I had that cake…and I ate it too.

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