Giving Head to Get (Others) Ahead

I’m sure you’ve heard the “Give head to get ahead” phrase. Well call me a whore, but sometimes this is true. Has it ever gotten me ahead? No. At least not yet. I’m not that lucky. Has it ever led to a connection that’s gotten someone else ahead though? Perhaps.

A few years ago when I lived in Nebraska, I came to Chicago for a design conference and trade show. I met this guy who also worked in the retail/design industry and was going to be going to be going to the same event that evening that I was planning on hitting up. He had some designer friends who worked in the city that he suggested meeting up with to build some more connections for me since I was looking to move here at the time.

Well, needless to say one thing led to another (or more appropriately one open bar rooftop party led to another) and I ended up back at his place at the end of the night. Cue the walk of shame(lessness) at 6am back to my friend’s place where I was staying and the questions about where I’d been all night. Whoops.

Now, let’s fast forward two years. The aforementioned connection and I have kept in touch on Facebook and LinkedIn, and he’s since moved up in the industry and is the Visual Manager at a high-end clothing retailer on Michigan Avenue.

Enter into the picture, my bestie (Not-so-Carrie) who is moving to Chicago and looking to get into retail part-time until she lands her dream job. So what do I do? Send a LinkedIn connection to the two of them and suggest they chit chat about the potential of her working there. Duh.

Just like the night the two of us met, one thing led to another…just in a slightly different sense. Not-so-Carrie landed two more connections – this time in HR – who decided to interview her for a spot as a personal shopper. A thirty-minute-turned-hour-and-a-half long phone interview later, she was deemed way too overqualified to be a personal shopper and received paperwork to fill out for a background check less than 48 hours later. The position? Coordinating, promoting, and managing all the events for the Midwest and being a brand ambassador at any fashion-related event where having a presence would be beneficial to the company.

Holy. Freaking. Shit.

Needless to say, she’ll be moving to the city this Friday, having a second interview – this time in-person – on Saturday, and hopefully (fingers crossed) starting there soon after. Words can’t express how proud of her I am…and how thankful I am that I decided to network my ass off (literally) that evening two years ago.

Now hopefully this doesn’t jinx anything…but, as RuPaul says, GOOD LUCK…and DON’T fuck it up!!!!

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