Immaturity is SUCH a Turn-Off

Sometimes – correction, all the time – I wonder to myself how people manage to have any friends when they act as immature as they do. Then I realize that they surround themselves with people equally as immature and obnoxious so they feel right at home. These people annoy the absolute shit out of me.

While I’m fully aware that I’m not always the most mature person (I laugh to myself when my elevator says “Going down” and when I see “Penetration Plan” in a set of construction documents), it pains me to hang out with people who don’t have their shit together. In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time fo that!”

Sometimes I think that I matured quickly since my dad passed away just before I turned 10. I was forced to grow up and act my shoe size (wearing a 13 at the time, I may as well have gone to clown school) rather than my age. Part of me thinks this stuck with me, so I’ve always acted slightly older than I am. Regardless, immature people are the reason I imbibe in a adult beverages…especially when in their presence.

For instance…

Yesterday I decided to go to Taco Fest (some new festival the city decided to make up this year…which made no sense being as it was in Lakeview which is far from being Little Mexico) with an acquaintance and some of his friends. Dumb idea.

NOTE TO SELF: Approximately 98% of 21-23 year olds are generally obnoxious. And immature. Do not hang out with them unless they fall into the 2% that are sane.

On the way to meet up with his friends, I mentioned my busy schedule this week of working, events, dinner plans, and my best friend Not-so-Carrie moving to the city on Friday…the reply? “You seriously make plans for all this stuff? I feel like you’re booking yourself out too far in advance. You should try not scheduling stuff.” Umm…sorry, but I make plans in advance so I know where I’ll be at what time so I don’t double-book myself and forget about plans with other friends (sorry again Drew!).

Fast forward to Taco Fest. The things I overheard coming from the mouths of said individuals were revolting…in particular: “I don’t read. Books are for nerds. I mean, does anybody honestly read anymore?” Umm…please check yourself at the door. Not only do you sound immature, but you sound stupid. Yes, people read. Get with the program.

The fact that you and your friends also wasted no time making digs at anyone and everyone is also a huge turn-off. Even if you were attractive (which you weren’t) it’s still not cute to rip everyone a new one. Especially when you’re in public with people you haven’t met before. Keep your rude comments to yourself. People can hear you. I will also sit and judge you for acting like you’re 12 instead of 21. Not cute. Grow up.

That afternoon, I made a conscious decision to only surround myself going forward with good people. If you’re immature, sorry, but I won’t be being seen in public with you. I’m not about to be associated with low-lifes. The end.

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