Social Media, Customer Service, and a Justification for $200+ Jeans

People often ask me – in particular, my mother – why on earth I have no issue spending exorbitant amounts of money on jeans. I’ll tell you why. The quality of manufacturing and great customer service. A company that is willing to stand behind its product when something goes wrong – especially when contacted through social media – speaks volumes about the brand as a whole and fully justifies the cost of the product in my mind.

I recently had an issue with a pair of Adriano Goldschmied jeans that I’d bought at this awesome boutique back in Lincoln (that is now unfortunately out of business…but only because the owners are moving to NYC). The issue? The zipper refuses to stay up. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting, walking, dancing, whatever. If they made Viagra for zippers this pair of jeans should have been prescribed a maximum dose for daily wear. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about this pair of jeans except for the fact that the zipper refuses to stay up. 

So what do I do? The same thing any social-media-savvy twenty-something does these days: I took that shit to Twitter.

“I’ve never had more trouble with a zipper not wanting to stay up than with my favorite pair of @AGJeans #WasteOfMoney”

I had no clue that that simple tweet would lead to a quick response from Adriano Goldschmied’s customer service team. Fast forward a few hours and I’m corresponding via email with one of their account managers. After filling out a claim including the description of the issue listed as the following, my email was sent off and fingers crossed for a quick resolution.

“The issue is actually pretty simple: the zipper won’t stay up. It doesn’t matter if I’m walking, sitting, standing, anything…it constantly works its way down and I find myself checking (and, more often than not, re-zipping) my zipper constantly. I mentioned the issue to two other friends/coworkers who also own AG’s, and they indicated they have either had issues with the zipper before or know others who have. While I absolutely love these jeans, it’s to the point that I hesitate to wear them out since you never know when your fly will inconveniently be down in public.”

No receipt or knowledge of the exact date of purchase at the now-out-of-business boutique? No problem! The customer service team was more than happy to stand behind their product. I received an email today with two options: Accept a replacement pair which would be mailed out immediately that was in the same style but a different wash (since mine was no longer available) or send my pair back at no cost to have the zipper replaced.

Well, what do you think I opted for? Hello new pair of $215 jeans. I’ll be taking my other pair to a tailor and having the zipper on my current pair replaced regardless, though. I’m not about to throw away an otherwise perfectly fine pair of jeans.

Moral of the story? If you have an issue with something – especially if you paid good money for it, contact the company. If they won’t stand behind their product, don’t buy from them anymore. It’s really pretty simple. If you’re going to bitch about it though, be professional about it. Chances are they’d rather keep you happy than have bad PR all over social media about them. Good PR From word of mouth – or of tweet – is just as priceless these days as it always has been.

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